About this Blog


Hi! My name is Natalie Tucker. After 20 years, starting as a social work intern, I left the perfect six-figure non-profit job at AARP in January 2016 to pursue acting and voiceovers full-time. I’ve been acting (theatre, commercials, industrials, voiceovers) as a side hustle for 8 years and took a giant leap of faith.

Why the Forth Wall?

The “fourth wall” is an imaginary wall between actors and the audience. This wall keeps actors within the world of the play. When actors directly address the audience, they are “breaking the fourth wall.” Well, this blog is breaking my fourth wall to share my acting adventures directly with you. I’m taking acting classes, rehearsing, auditioning, and interviewing other full time actors about how they are making it. Now before the spell check police get me, I do know how to spell FOURTH but this blog is about moving FORTH to the new stage in my life.


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